Best 10 jobs in Dubai for freshers in 2023

jobs in Dubai for freshers  in UAE 2023 , Today will publish  jobs in Dubai for freshers of new students and what are jobs at ManpowerGroup in UAE , jobs in Dubai for freshers at Mubarak Marine LLC Group in Dubai, UAE. We publish Vacancies at Al Futtaim Group in Dubai, UAE one of jobs in Dubai for freshers

jobs in Dubai for freshers 2023
jobs in Dubai for freshers 2023

Jobs in Dubai for New Students 2023

Free Jobs at ManpowerGroup in Dubai in UAE.

1- Required data quality officer.

Job Summary : –
Is a person responsible for the control, planning and execution of the business, that tests the company’s data quality techniques and ascertain if the consumption is commensurate with the business needs. All employees collaborate with each other to manage the data and ensure that it conforms to the management strategies of all the company of jobs in Dubai for freshers.

This ensures that the activities of the employees update and implement quality standards in all the specialties of the organization so as to ensure the development of contracts associated with data quality and improve the quality performance of the data.

Apply Free Jobs at ManpowerGroup in Dubai in UAE ( here ) .

jobs in dubai for freshers female

Job Information: –

– Working from within the United Arab Emirates.

– Working in a large private company.

– Recruitment through an employment office.

– Part-time work.

– Fixed salary and commissions.

– Applicant must possess a minimum of 6 years’ experience.

jobs in dubai for freshers male

Knowledge and expertise required: –

– Has at least 5 years of experience in data quality management.

– Has full knowledge of the financial service operation systems.

– Has a file filled with certificates in IT.

– Has full know-how in the work of banks, credit office and every industry that relies on technology.

– Can handle Microsoft Arzo, Excel and Burpoint software.

– Has the ability to write reports.

jobs in dubai for freshers 12th pass

Staff member’s core responsibilities: –

– Quality control and supply of aggregate data in the company’s system.

– Note the decline of data shares compared with important data in the company.

– Interest in monitoring past quality standards.

– Update the data curriculum to make it fit the desired goal.

– Works on metrics and needs and prescriptions of data quality controls within the role of data life.

– Observe measurements and if there is an error in levels, you should report it until it reaches the highest level of data quality.

– The operation of a system to improve data quality through the system of process improvements.

– Work an initiative to address data quality and emphasize that all data conform to quality measures.

– Technical support team helps solve problems and use root cause analysis system.

– Provides strategies, policies and guidelines.

– Assisting data engineers in other operations and activities.

– Identifies the quality of data, strategies, patterns and laws and identifies problems facing work.

– Update of operating and preventive procedures.

– Retains contracts and laws until quality is successfully implemented and is part of data processing.

– Supervision of quality performance.

– Note the data quality performance indicator at all stages of the data cycle.

– Applies DQ controls to modern data taking into account the writing of reports for obsolete metrics.

– Constantly writing notes on the job to avoid errors and not repeat them and put the data in place.

jobs in dubai for fresh graduates

Required skills and qualifications: –

– Master’s degree in engineering.

– Has an understanding in the data quality process.

– Proficient in Arabic and English.

– Has the skill of communicating and delivering level shows.

– Has a skill in working from a team.

– Takes care of all aspects of modern technology.

jobs in Dubai for freshers Indian

Required capabilities and qualifications: –

– Can schedule debts.

– Can withstand significant administrative work.

– Possess professional communication skill.

– Can process data.

– Has experience from within a maritime institution.

– Proficient in Arabic.

– Has the skill of a business consignor.

– Has at least 4 years’ experience in project management.

– Master’s degree.

– Has great experience in executive leadership.

– Can operate in a demanding environment.

– Possess training certificates in Excel and Burpoint.

– Be structured at work and arrange operations, so that it can easily access information.

– Takes care of the finest detail.

– Writes reports for calendar management skill.

– Working in complete secrecy.

jobs in Dubai for freshers graduates from India

Job Information: –

– Employment in UAE.

– Work from within the Marine Engineering Company.

– Serves on the Administrative Working Group.

– Works full time.

– Must possess at least 3 years’ prior experience.

– The company provides accommodation for employees.

So you can get a job at Mubarak Marine LLC by downloading a company app called Bayt with the company logo and registering on it.

jobs in Dubai for freshers 10th pass

Vacancies at Al Futtaim Group in Dubai, UAE.

Vacancies at Al Futtaim Group in Dubai, UAE 2023
jobs in Dubai for freshers at Al-Futtaim Group

2- Sales officer required

General information: –

It is just a company specializing in the production and sale of cars, that needs an experienced sales executive to join the company’s team and your job is to market Toyota cars and sell them in his position is famous and ensure that our customers satisfy and record the revenue of the company and the most important thing about the job is that you are responsible for making sales greatly

Your main tasks: –

– Achieve the required revenue from sales monthly and annually and focus on net profit from sales.

– Follow customers regularly to ensure sales.

– Writing and registering contracts for cars to follow the sales index.

– Monitors the automotive sales market and competing companies.

– Pricing of vehicles according to the state of the general market.

– Maintain databases of customer files to ensure that all details are renewed.

– Continuous field visit procedures to follow up on market needs and maintain customer satisfaction.

– Ensure that customer requirements are implemented if they comply with Al-Futtaim standards.

– Attend company meetings and training courses that benefit the progress of vehicles.

– Writing and retaining the documents of all registrars.

Required expertise: –

– Has at least 3 years prior experience in vehicle sales.

– Has prior knowledge of the UAE sales market.

– Has the ability to communicate and negotiate.

– Own a private car.

– Has a valid driving certificate.

Information on the Working Group: –

Submit a daily report to the sales officials to interact with the branch manager and technical support staff and most often compel those working in the vehicle industry to work for many times even in the majority of holidays and public holidays to achieve the goal.

Job Requirements: –

– Has previous experience working in UAE markets.

– Has full knowledge of the technics of vehicles.

– Has the ability to sell and insure operating systems.

– Has strong analytical skills.

– It can handle the computer.

– Speaks Arabic and English.

– Has the skill of negotiating with customers and effective communication with them.

– Apply Al-Futtaim Groups ( here ).

About Al-Futtaim Companies?

It is one of the most important and largest local and international business companies located in Dubai in the UAE and founded as a trading company in the middle of the last century.

Al-Futtaim Group has more than 50 companies giving it flexibility and diversity. The company is divided into several sections, including the Vehicles Department, Sales Department, Electronics Department, Technology Engineering Department, Buildings Department and General Services Department.

Annually, it employs more than 19,000 individuals from all over the Arab and foreign countries and that system benefits employees and provides them with a culture of empowering people to be responsible at work.

The group’s success is due to its good management and preservation of values, service integrity and social responsibility.

jobs in Dubai for freshers 2023

Empty Jobs at Mubarak Marine LLC Group in Dubai, UAE.

Required Posts: –

– Requested implementing associate.

– Wanted Personal Associate.

– Apply at Mubarak Marine LIC ( here ) .

jobs in Dubai for freshers bba graduates

There are many vacancies at graduation events in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. You can upload jobs by tracking previous links and registering in those posts.

At the end of my article, apply if you are a resident or arrive in the UAE and wish you good luck!

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