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 jobs in Dubai for foreigners in 2023 , there are a collection of jobs in Emirates for example : jobs in Dubai for foreigners , jobs in Dubai for foreigner at Starbucks Group ,  jobs in Dubai for foreigners at Lifestyle UAE in Dubai, jobs in Dubai for foreigners in five hotels and tourist resorts , jobs in Dubai for foreigners today 1 August 2023 . So apply in site ( elkhelej )

Emirates free jobs at Starbucks Group

Vacancy: – Required barista in jobs in Dubai for foreigners.

jobs in Dubai for foreigners
jobs in Dubai for foreigners

At first, Starbucks Group is different from other companies in terms of sales. and because it provides you with a sense of comfort and intellectual connection when it cares about coffee, traditions and ancient customs. Starbucks cafés have become the best example for coffee lovers, because they provide you with excellent service, good service and an exciting atmosphere. A good cup of coffee and rich coffee and customers who come to Starbucks as a part of your daily shower We do our best to develop more and achieve the desired goals.

Starbucks Group provides food and fresh drinks to customers and has retail and provides excellent customer service and free delivery , So apply to have  jobs in Dubai for foreigners.

Required Papers and Certificates: –

– Have at least two years’ experience in a wide and large energy environment.

– Master English writing, reading and speaking.

– Strong personality and clean.

– Has a whole personality of energy, vitality and activity.- Flexible at work, positioning and fast service.

About Starbucks: –

It was first built in Kuwait in 1890, and is a dynamic company owned by the Royal Family with consistent records of progress and prosperity. Al Shaya Group relies on leading traders in the world as it provides customers with the best and unparalleled choices from international brands.

Al Shaya Group branches in the Middle East, Africa, Europe, Russia and Turkey. There are many restaurants, cafes, shops and entertainment destination.
It works in many sectors such as food, medicine, pharmacy, fashion, home furnishings, beauty, perfume and luxury and all colleagues agree in commitment and seriousness in providing services to customers and traders of the brand.

The Group’s services are reflected in the style of customers in restaurants and shops in high-end markets to cafes in local areas and the Group offers brands that customers love.

 jobs in Dubai for foreigners

Free Jobs at Lifestyle UAE in Dubai :-  Required warehouse supervisor.

Job Explanation: –
Who gets the job will be the assistant store manager in management and lead sales through e-marketing operations, provide services to customers, supervise store operations and be responsible for managing a team and training.

Core functions of the post

1. Focuses with customers
Includes continuous training of employees in all aspects in terms of customer service, sales skills and product study.
It implements high levels of customer monitoring well within the store, regulates customer conditions within the store, creates directives for store employees in customer service ,so as to ensure excellent customer service in a timely manner, ensures that customer requirements are implemented, solves problems, is ready for any enquiry at any time, registers all feedback and prepares a good business plan for improvement.

2. Monitors sales and profits
It achieves a targeted production measurement of the store, strives to achieve or exceeds store sales objectives, monitors expenditures in terms of effective store sales, writes profit and sales reports, focuses on promoting areas with poor performance, monitors sales control the previous year and the previous week, writes its budgets daily, weekly and annual, and provides feedback to managers also communicates with employees.

3. Keeps store and storage conditions
Ensures the quality and in-store management of products, assists the store administrator to supervise and control all sales in the store in terms of financial transactions, payments and customer orders, records sales to maintain store renewal, provides services, processes the retriever and returns, collects all user data for feedback, and must help store managers monitor and manage inventory to store stores, and ensures the store’s appearance of the company system in accordance with the employment and loyalty standards for jobs in Dubai for foreigners.

Assist the administrator to supervise and manage expenses and transactions, assist managers in the audit and resolution of penalties faced by the store and continuously monitor the understanding of the trade market, traders’ levels and market trends, monitor and resolve complaints submitted by customers and make appropriate decisions that conform to the company’s standards and maintain them.

Surveillance of individuals of jobs in Dubai for foreigners.
Ensures that the expectations and priorities of the store reach the employees and provides feedback on the performance of the employees and performs the welfare of the employees, solves the costs, monitors the development and levels of employees and encourages the company’s partners to ensure effective organization and good planning.

Vacancies in five hotels and tourist resorts

jobs in Dubai for foreigners : – Required warehouse supervisor.

Five hotels and resorts are looking for someone who is brave and genius with a passion for making unforgettable experiences for guests, others and hotels known to work on a high-energy, luxurious lifestyle and cooking shows with bold charm and luxury life destinations.

Known for being one of the UAE’s most luxurious and enjoyable hotels, the award-winning restaurant and café hub is the first Dubai club. Uber-chic is one of the most exciting hotels from around the world and has about 300 swimming pools and Jacuzzi.

There are also restaurants called Five Zurich with an Advanced Lifestyle Award and a swimming pool that unites around the pool in different musical ways , the hotels always apply jobs in Dubai for foreigners.

There is a beach property opened in 2023 in Jumeirah Beach Residences called Five Lux, a rare species that offers a luxurious and eco-friendly residence.Five is the name of an advanced company in good living and continuous hospitality and is a philosophy of the company as it meets methods in maintaining operational hospitality with LEED certification.

Two other types of hotels are smart buildings belonging to the three-star group of five palm Jumeirah and five village Jumeirah
There is a sole LEED Platinum hotel in Switzerland which has made it a discreet hotel worldwide with platinum certification.

Five star hotels are elegant, self-confident, working and hard to make games more difficult, exciting and used to make guests’ experiences perfect and prepare them again. If you want to be surrounded by people who look like you in your thinking and share your passion for long-lasting memories, don’t look for more.

You can communicate with the excellent system and be creative in a new way. You are a genius thinker and critic who makes the manufacture new and distinctive and you have the most accurate details to execute the projects accurately and skillfully. This makes you get the most time. By joining the procurement team, you are a superintendent of the stores and so you have different experiences and see a very busy lifestyle with prizes.

Fife works on top of 75 nationalities from around the world and owns more than 1400 employees. Fife employs a comprehensive and diverse workforce. This is so that the company does not differentiate between the disabled, age, nationality, religion or social status. Fife does not differentiate between employees for any reason. Fife ranked 10th in terms of the best places to work in the UAE and having jobs in Dubai for foreigners.

The company’s core business

Implementation of the procedures for confidentiality and sales and maintenance of hotel warehouses to maintain continuous warehousing operations at all times to ensure the instructions and special security regulations of the hotel at all times , in accordance with the company’s policy.

The company records its procedures for all inventory and registration of nostalgia and sales daily, weekly or monthly in all departments so that we can ensure that its monitoring system matches inventory levels and record fast and slow-moving items to enable efficient functioning at all times.

Communicating with the Hotel Procurement Section to ensure effective demand receipt of other components and outsourcing maintenance service and assisting the Procurement Section to obtain appropriate prices, maintenance services and outsourcing. We strive continuously to mitigate costs without reducing the quality of services and obtaining customer satisfaction with any images.

We present plans and ideas to avoid resource losses and monitor recommendations for the department’s performance in jobs in Dubai for foreigners.

Job Conditions one of  jobs in Dubai for foreigners

1.The applicant has at least 5 years prior experience in the hotel field.

2.Can communicate clearly with regard to management.

3.Has the ability to handle Microsoft Office software.

4.Makes life to discriminate and create PR.

5.Be a source of trust for a colleague who keeps the secret and is supportive of security and safety.

6.Meet Working Hours.

7.Has the skill of determining the need and direction of the local market to meet customers’ demands.

8.Can participate in the execution of the company’s legal proceedings.

9.Master English and Arabic.

10.Thanks if you have other languages.

Advantages of working in the company

There are many features in the company that are unparalleled, such as delightful and indulgent, because there are no similar days with an environment that stimulates conception, innovation and creativity .So try out the old in the quick job opportunity to get developments within the company and to get guidance and guidance from the experienced.

Finally , Apply jobs in Dubai for foreigners through ( ) . The main source for jobs in Dubai for foreigners .

Good Luck!

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