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Jobs in Dubai for us citizens which working in Dubai is great! Jobs in Dubai are available on this date through our website, we will provide Jobs in Dubai for us citizens , it is not limited to non-nationals? Dubai will provide Jobs in Dubai for us citizens for UAE  as well, So we offer you many opportunities to apply for jobs-in-Dubai-for-us-citizens

Best jobs in Dubai for us citizens

jobs in Dubai for us citizens – Dubai Citizens’ Jobs

?Do you have strong data entry and communication skills
Are you interested in details and proactive
If so,
We are pleased to join our team as the new Office Assistant
.This remote entry-level position provides an opportunity to learn and grow in a supportive and dynamic work environment

.We offer a competitive compensation package with opportunities for growth and progress
.Our flexible telework arrangement allows for a healthy work-life balance
.You will have access to the latest technology and office tools to increase your productivity

Applicants must have a range of basic skills that help them succeed in their field of work, including

You will need a high school certificate or equivalent. If you have further education or training in office management, it will be an asset

.Excellent verbal and written communication skills that enable effective interaction with internal and external stakeholders

.Support the use of desktop software such as Microsoft Office Suite (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook)

.Attention to details and accuracy in data entry and document processing

.Self-motivating and proactive, with a strong sense of initiative and problem-solving capabilities

.Ability to maintain confidentiality and handle sensitive information with appreciation and professionalism

Strong organizational skills and multi-tasking ability

Responsibilities jobs in Dubai for us citizens

.The receptionist plays a vital role in relationships with customers

.It will be the first face visitors see and the first sound they hear when they call

.It is important to be professional, kind and useful at all times

.You need to be able to answer a variety of direct questions and queries to the appropriate contacts

.It will also assist team members in special projects and provide innovative ideas and creative solutions

.Respond to incoming calls quickly and professionally and properly direct them

.Coordination of travel arrangements, including travel booking, accommodation and transportation

.Assist in organizing corporate events, conferences, workshops, logistics management and ensuring smooth implementation

.Managing office supplies and inventories, and restocking them as needed to ensure a well-equipped workspace

.Provide comprehensive administrative support, including scheduling, scheduling and arranging meetings

.Assisting in the preparation, editing and coordination of documents, ensuring accuracy and adherence to the company’s standards

 .Maintaining and updating databases and file systems, to ensure that information is organized and accessible

: Job Features

We are proud to offer a collaborative and inclusive work environment that values diversity and teamwork
.Our networking opportunities with professionals in various industries

.allow employees to build relationships and enhance their career development in jobs in Dubai for us citizens

 : We provide a full range of benefits, including

.Paid vacations-
.Health and dental coverage-
. A retirement savings plan-

.These benefits improve the overall well-being and job satisfaction of our employer

 !If you are looking for an opportunity to start a rewarding career in data entry , No more looking
Our specialized team of professionals is committed to maintaining accurate and reliable data

We are looking for candidates just like you to help us achieve our goals
By joining our team as a data entry writer to work jobs in Dubai for us citizens

You will play an important role in our organization while also receiving the training and development you need to reach your long-term career aspirations , So what are you waiting for ? Submit your order today and take the first step towards a successful future with us

Data Entry Operator; Fresh Farm

About the job
jobs in Dubai for us citizens – About GMG

GMG is a global luxury retailer, distributor and manufacturer of leading international and domestic brands , so provide  jobs in Dubai for us citizens ,Their vision is to inspire people to win while making the world a better place

The company’s vacancies

We are looking for a data entry operator that can help us maintain a proper work flow in all production data entry activities

As a data entry operator

Your daily tasks will include the introduction of production data for each daily order , In addition to introducing daily raw material quantity and production quantity into our SAP and ERP system

You will also need to coordinate with our production scheme daily to check the raw material status and production yield

 It is important to obtain data and verify the accuracy of the data entered

Solve the information problem about the information coordinate with the production scheme of the daily RM and verify while receiving the willingness to work on weekends, public holidays, working hours and working environments

⁃ Identify problems when they arise, report data deviations, process productivity etc. To the supervisor perform other duties as requested by the production supervisor

Applicants’ skills to provide  jobs in Dubai for us citizens

Candidates for this position must enjoy , expertise in food processing and data entry , In addition to basic English language skills written and oral) , In addition, – Prefers knowledge in structural adjustment system or in any ERP system

The Baker family owns and manages GMG, which has become a global leader in five key sectors

GMG Sports-
GMG Everyday-
GMG Health and Beauty-
GMG Properties-
GMG Logistics-

 To contact and apply for vacancies please click on the following link : (Click here)

Receptionist, National Emirates

Receptionist, National Emirates
Receptionist, National Emirates

 GMG is a global luxury retailer, manufacturer and distributor of leading international and local brands .The company was founded  by the Baker family and is now under its ownership and management

GMG has investments in four key sectors

GMG Sports-

GMG Food-

GMG Health-

GMG Consumer Goods-The tasks required of applicants within the work , As our receptionist-

It will be the first contact point for visitors and customers coming to our office-

 Give them guidance to different parts of the office-

Contact staff with regard to visitors-

Answering phones and receiving messages-

Sort and distribute mail-

We are looking for a friendly and organized person with great customer service skills

To be successful in this role
You will have excellent written and verbal communication skills, as well as practical knowledge of Microsoft Office such as Word and  Excel , It is also important to be able to do multiple tasks and work in a fast-paced environment , previous experience as a receptionist is also useful

 You will need UAE citizenship and registration summary to be eligible for this role-

We are looking for a person with a fellowship or bachelor’s degree in a related field who has previous experience as a receptionist or related field

You should have excellent written and oral communication skills and be brilliant at Microsoft apps including Word, Excel and Outlook Good time management skills are also necessary

Thanks to experience in administrative and written procedures-

It is important to be able to contribute positively as part of a team-

Be ready to assist in different tasks as needed-


 Greet customers and visitors with positive and helpful behaviour-

Help maintain workplace security by issuing, verifying and collecting badges as necessary and maintaining visitors’ records-

– Provide administrative support by performing tasks such as copying, fax, taking notes and making travel plans-

Meeting rooms and training-

The company strives to inspire people to win and make the world a better place-

It has become a leading global company and a branch of more : Luxury collections are successful and respected in the world-

If you have previous experience working as a receptionist or in a similar role, we like to hear from you , For those who wish to apply for vacancies at Emirates National Company, please click on the following link : (Click here)


Teaching jobs in Dubai for us citizens

Teaching jobs in Dubai for us citizens
Teaching jobs in Dubai for us citizens

School nurse in Ras al-Khaimah one of careers  jobs in Dubai for us citizens

We are looking for a school nurse to join our team in Ras Al Khaimah

As a school nurse, you will be responsible for the health care of our students and staff , In addition to teaching nutrition and health classes , you will also be responsible for developing health care initiatives for the school , If you are a passionate and dedicated professional, we encourage you to apply today

We provide continuous health advisory services to students, parents, and staff In addition, we fill out medical papers if necessary and attend various school meetings

To be eligible for this job, you must have -One year’s experience – Bachelor’s degree in nursing or any other health-related field
– Preferably have knowledge of Microsoft Office Suite software (Word, Excel, Outlook, Access),  Has strong skills in personal relationships and communication

– You should be careful with details and have great skills in dealing with patients , To be successful as a school nurse, you need to be aware of the basic principles and practices of occupational nursing and stay tuned to current trends in specialized school health

As a school nurse, you will be responsible for using existing resources to provide appropriate health care for students and staff
This will include assessing the status of students’ and staff immunization documents, if necessary. Preventive health care services, such as vaccinations, to promote the optimal level of wellness among students and staff. Develop and implement health plans for students with special health needs. Discover deficiencies in vision, hearing, growth and/or student development through health assessments and examinations

As a school nurse, my responsibility is to develop and implement protocols and procedures for school health management, especially in emergencies. Provide referrals to parents or employees to intervene and treat abnormal or disturbing health conditions affecting students; I also offer ongoing health advice to students, parents and staff. When necessary, also complete medical papers and attend various school meetings  jobs in Dubai for us citizens

For items related to benefits and other requirements, salary is determined based on discussion, and work visa, transportation, housing and medical insurance will be provided. If you meet these requirements and want to know more details, please feel free to contact us. Through the following link: -(Click here)

Nursing jobs in Dubai for us citizens

nursing jobs in Dubai for citizens
jobs in Dubai for citizens

Registered nurses are required with competence and licence (RN) one of  jobs in Dubai for us citizens

Conditions of registration for a nurse job with jobs in Dubai

Having a valid license-

Know all the basic skills of a medical bed-

Ability to deal with patients with kindness, compassion and compassion-

Working in cooperation with health care-

He has great ingenuity to evaluate the patient-

Maintaining and documenting the patient’s trenbolone acetate record-

Adherence to all hospital safety rules-

Time Management and Organizational-

Send your CV with a photo attached to the following email (

Accounting jobs in Dubai for us citizens

Accounting jobs in Dubai for us citizens
Accounting jobs in Dubai for us citizens

Required Junior Accountants

One of the jobs in Dubai for citizens is a “junior accountant”, where we want to employ an active and excited individual to manage the financial aspects of a Dubai company

Conditions for admission to an accountant job in Dubai

Ability to support financial statements and reports-

Full knowledge of all accounts for civilians and creditors-

Full awareness of the introduction of tips and bank books-

Full knowledge of computerized regulations-

Adequate knowledge of valuable budgets and recommendations-

Sufficient knowledge of the collection of financial data in the financial analysis to make the right decisions and actions-

Sufficient payroll and tax disclosure capacity for individuals and companies-

Reply to all computerized queries to improve financial transactions-


Banking jobs in Dubai for us citizens

Banking Relationship Management Assistant Required one of  jobs in Dubai for us citizens

It reviews all correspondence to ensure that HOPBEL receives support, the ability to plan and progress in relationship management, adequate timeline knowledge and updates

Ability to monitor computational activities in all sales and all incoming reports of calls

Find out any performance whether ARM, RMs and the ability to backup every day operating requirements and services, know all compliance queries and all special alerts (AML, ODD, RFI) and during the consultation

Great help in how to open a customer account, deal with all debit cards and loans to customers, the ability to create a confidential personal record and how to save its data and information, so as to ensure that all information is retrieved to the customer

Drafting the response to the client, participating in all available projects throughout the year, the ability to maintain financial banking services


Top Questions about jobs in Dubai for us citizens


? Are American citizens allowed to work in the UAE

Passports and visas foreigners planning to work in the UAE must know that they cannot work on visa or tourist visas
( They need ( Legal residence – Visa – Work permit

.The employer needs to obtain work and residence permits

Is 5,000 dirhams enough in Dubai

You can live a comfortable life with a budget of AED 5000-8000 (USD 1360-2180) per month when have a careers in  jobs in Dubai for us citizens

This amount can cover rent, food and other necessities if you live in an inexpensive area and do not eat much-

The average salary for American citizens is $3,500 per month-

The average monthly salary as of July 2021 is approximately AED 21,500-

That’s about $5,853 – As for the cost of living in Dubai, It can be expensive-

?Can an American citizen live in Dubai permanently

In 2021, more than 300 US citizens made the trip to Dubai, representing 7% of their total tour ,For more information about the jobs available within Dubai, you can visit the following website

At the end of the article, we have provided jobs in Dubai for us citizens in many fields such as jobs in Dubai for us citizens especially medicine, accounting, teaching, reception and data entry, it is fortunate to be one of the UAE nationals, in order to get a job from    with ease jobs in Dubai for us citizens

!Good luck

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